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I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

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What I do:

Real time/systems programmer. I love writing device drivers. I have written linkers, modified assemblers. Modified a real time commercial single processor multi-tasking kernel into a message passing multi-processor multi-tasking kernel for 68k's, before VRTX came out etc. Lots of embedded stuff, micro processor work. I have worked on the BSD/OS kernel chiefly on the powerpc port (Yes, I worked for BSDi), I have dabbled with the FreeBSD kernel. I have done 808x assembler, powerpc, I can now read sparc asm, Coldfire (Really just a RISCy version of 68k), I have done asm for 6502/680x (6800,6803,6809) including writing my own DOS for 6502. I get easily confused between instruction sets now when I am not doing work on a specific one that is. ;-)

I have also done unix system admin as needed. I have worked chiefly on SUNos, some solaris, HPUX, freebsd,bsd/os systems, linux, and ancient SYSV (Anyone remember the Cadmus?). I've done sendmail, dns, innd, bnews/cnews, procmail, ircd you name it...

For my resume, You'll now have to ask me for it. Too many trolls on the modern internet.


I have been known to do a tiny bit of work on IRCD.

I am an amateur radio operator, callsign VA3DB

I am a musician.

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